Eva Meyer-Keller / Sybille Müller
Cooking Catastrophes

  • Fri 17.02.12 20 h
  • Sat 18.02.12 20 h

›Cooking Catastrophes‹ is cookery show, performance as well as contemplation on the future all at the same time. In front of an audience, three professional cooks prepare a meal of several coursesconsisting of forest fires, raging rivers, avalanches, meteor showers, mining explosions and plane crashes. The meal is made up of catastrophes, some well-known, which are then artistically prepare, cooked and finally destroyed – although not before the audience have had a taste. Seasoned with expert knowledge and staged in front of a live camera using images in a way that is reminiscent of the news, ›Cooking Catastrophes‹ presents the polar opposites of pleasure and horror on the same plate.

Conception and direction: Eva Meyer-Keller and Sybille Müller
Cooks: Jim Löfdahl, Kristoffer Nilsson, Andreas Lindberg, Mariana Silva Varela, Filip Zubaczek, Peter Whaley
Camera: Marika Heidebäck
Design (Meal): Byggstudio

A Mossutställningar Stockholm production, co-produced by PACT Zollverein (Essen) and the Goethe-Institut Sweden 
Funded by: Fonden Innovativ Kultur, Kulturrådet (Swedish Arts Council), Stiftelsen framtidens kultur (The Foundation for the Culture of the Future)
Supported by: Dansens Hus Stockholm


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