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The Australian company, Chunky Move, is a bold and new contemporary dance company with a reputation for cutting edge, innovative and technically brilliant performances. The group has already enjoyed tremendous critical acclaim in Germany in 1998 when they appeared at the 8th International Dance Festival NRW. Gideon Obarzanek founded the company in 1995.

›Export File‹ is a program of two works choreographed by Gideon Obarzanek. The first part, ›All the better to eat you‹ investigates the complexities of power and abuse that lie beneath a familiar fairytale. Based on Little Red Riding Hood, Obarzanek's tale develops extraordinarily powerful images that are at once harmless and disturbing.

The second part of the evening, C.O.R.R.U.P.T.E.D. 2, is a blast of high energy that leaves the audience gasping. Rather than a moral or ethical corruption, the digital interpretation of the term corruption refers to defect or damage to data. C.O.R.R.U.P.T.E.D. 2 uses this digital premise as a point of departure, creating a physical manifestation, as well as a psychological one. The dancers are made to move in seemingly awkward or unnatural ways by imposing various limitations and unusual movement tasks, creating virtuosic dance of the highest calibre. With a dark electronic soundtrack from Luke Smiles, C.O.R.R.U.P.T.E.D. 2 explores a poetic of malfunction.

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Gideon Obarzanek

Performers: Fiona Cameron, Luke George, Nicole Johnston, Luke Smiles, David Tyndall

›All the better to eat you with‹

Choreography: Gideon Obarzanek with the dancers of Chunky Move;

Light design: Damien Cooper

Composition and Sound design: Luke Smiles / Motion Laboratories

Set design: Gideon Obarzanek

Costumes: Laurel Frank, Audra Cornish @ TDM

Aquariums: Mother´s Art

"C.O.R.R.U.P.T.E.D. 2"

Choreography: Gideon Obarzanek with the dancers of Chunky Move

Light design: Damien Cooper

Original music: Luke Smiles / Motion Laboratories

Design Conzept: Gideon Obarzanek

Screen Creation: Alan Robertson

Production: Donna Aston

Stage Manager: Anette Dale

Sound: Lachlan Carrick

Light: Lisa Trewin

For the opening of The International Dance Trade Fair NRW, Tanzlandschaft Ruhr and millennium moves are co-presenting, ›Export File‹.

Photo © Jim Hooper

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