Stephan Koplowitz

  • Tanzlandschaft Ruhr international produktion outdoor event at the Kokerei, Zeche Zollverein, Essen
  • Performance
  • Wed 25.08.99
  • Thu 26.08.99
  • Fri 27.08.99
  • Sat 28.08.99
  • Sun 29.08.99

Notes on viewing the production:
The backdrop for the ›Kokerei-Project. Kohle Körper‹ is not only the unique architecture found at the Kokerei in Essen Zollverein but also the complete history of mining in the Ruhr region, its impact and its relevance on the community. The production accentuates this industrial monuments uniqueness. The work is created specifically for the Kokerei and it can only be performed in this environment.

The audience will be divided into groups of between 30 and 50 people and each group will be accompanied through the performance by a specially trained guide. We kindly ask you to stay with your allocated guide who is familiar with the time plan, the fixed route and all health and safety regulations.

During the 60 min performance, you will be guided through the site to take in 4 fixed locations.

The locations:

Location 1: The performance begins on the roof of Batterie 8. 22 dancers perform in front of massive ovens and redundant train tracks. The guides will position the audience to ensure that everyone has the best view possible.

Location 2: The audience will be guided down a flight of stairs that leads to the Löschgleishalle 9 (dousing/extinguishing hall). The performing area is divided into three identical sections. 42 dancers are divided into 3 groups and 1 group performs in each section. The guides will allocate the audience to 1 of these 3 sections.

Location 3: From the Löschgleishalle the audience will be led outside to stand in front of the Kokerei. All 50 dancers now perform together in front of this impressive backdrop.

Kokerei-Projekt. Kohle Körper (by Stephan Koplowitz)

»Last year, as I was finishing work on ›Babel Index‹ for the British Library, I received a call from Gianni Malfer and Stefan Hilterhaus of the Choreographic Center NRW. Upon the recommendation of their artistic advisors, Gianni and Stefan travelled to London to see my work. After our meeting, I came to Essen (the first of three trips) to begin research for this site-specific production. The enormous scale of this space and the challenges it presents has been exciting and inspiring. During my residency in Essen, I have had the chance to travel to other sites in the region, speak to many people about the history of the coal industry and to ›live‹ at the Kokerei in order to create this work. My cast of 50 dancers, selected after several auditions, is comprised of professional artists who live not only in this area but come from several other European countries.

It has been an honor and privilege to work here in the Federal Republic of Germany, especially in the Ruhr district that clearly plays such an important role in the history and heritage of this region.

›Kohle Körper‹ is the culmination of six weeks of intense rehearsals. We began with a two-week residency/research period with my original ten dancers in June and continued in July-August for four weeks with the augmented cast of 50 performers. Many days have been spent working on site studying and researching. Please refer to the instructions on viewing the production for best viewing.
I hope you enjoy your journey.«

Stephan Koplowitz

Choreography: Stephan Koplowitz

Dance (Inner circle - Die Zehn): Ini Dill, Fivienne, Chris Ho Chau Wah, Hiekyoung Kim, James MacGillivray, Wei Meng Poon, Eva Anna Richterich, Charlotta Ruth, Bärbel Stenzenberger, Jane van Fraassen
Dance (26. July): Elena Adaeva, Pilar Alba,Simona Bubola, Svenja Grabe, Jelena Ivanovic, Katja Meinecke, Carolina Pahde, Sonya Roushdy, Kati Schmidt, Andrea Stegmaier
Dance (2. August): Elke Busenlechner, Fleur Chaléat, Jennifer Hebekerl, Daniela Hoff, Susan Koelewyn, Mu-Yi Kuo, Constanza Pelechá, Bettina Rutsch, Zufit Simon, Richard Taylor, Nadja Varga, Kalú Yanez Galdames
Dance (9. August): Samir Akika, Heiko Baumann, Isabelle David, Ute Faust, Laura Hoff, Athanasia Kanellopoulou, Severine Leff, Erik Noe Tepal Marrufo, Melanie Maurer, Linda Neuhaus, Simone Nöcker, Tina Peschel, Laura Pöss, Shamita Ray, Nina Schneider, Nicoletta Stanescu, Andrea Stimper, Dennis Grenzv

Original Musical Score:Jonathan Stone

Costumes: Karisma Costumes: Ben Voorhaar & Sabrina Rohde

Light design: Simon Corder

Choreographer's Assistant/Rehearsal Director: Karen Stokes

Choreographer's Assistant: Sarah Lloyd

Production Manager: Yvonne Whyte

Assistant: Joschi Neu

Stage: top technic productions

Technical Director: Kaya Künkel

Stage Management: Yvonne Whyte, Sabine Brandt

Music Production: Music&artsClub: Ekki Maas & Wolfgang Proppe

Accordion: Wolfgang Proppe

Voice and Percussion for location 2: Jonathan und Barnaby Stone, Grisha Coleman, Viola Sheely, Ansuman Biswas 
"Best Boy": Franz Namyst

Tanzlandschaft Ruhr production

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