Nada Gambier
Once upon a time in Petaouchnok

  • Fri 09.04.10 20 h

Life in Petaouchnok – a locality that is so remote that it may not even truly exist – acquires a touch of general validity through its normalcy: people recreate themselves through hate, humour, and seeming indifference. And they tell stories that feel familiar to everyone. For ›Once upon a time in Petaouchnok‹, Nada Gambier is working with professional performers and amateurs alike.



Premiere: 31.10.08 Beursschouwburg (Brussels)
Performers: Coralie Stalberg, Beatrice Didier, Michael Janart, Jef Stevens, Yves Delattre, and Nada Gambier
Concept and directed by: Nada Gambier
Light design and technical support: Etienne Guilloteau / Peter Fol
Production: wpZimmer für Filter vzw
Co-production: PACT Zollverein (Essen) 
Supported by: het Vlaamse Gemeenschaap (project support), Beursschouwburg (Brussels)
In cooperation with: Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk) and Bains::Connective in Brussels

Tour management: Action Scénique vzw


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