Positions:Dance #4 – Creating Access – Diversity

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Hybrid symposium: Racism in Dance – a critical examination of power in dance

the international dance scene may appear diverse, but still needs a good deal more awareness, further sensitization and change when it comes to diversity. 
A structural white hegemony still prevails here as in other areas of society. This is why the German Dance Association has decided to develop its vision and structures further in order to guarantee access, diversity and balance whether for its institutional identity, or for its public commitment. In parallel to many necessary transformations being gradually implemented via a critical discourse of the German Dance Association towards its own operations and internal dynamics, we move forward and approach the Dance Prize celebration with a symposium entirely dedicated to diversity, under the umbrella theme of ›Creating Access.‹ 

This year's symposium ›Positions:Dance #4 – Creating Access – Diversity‹  is already thought differently in its preparation. With a curatorial team made of: Nora Amin (main curator), David Kono and Mey Seifan, the symposium is conceived and curated from an already given diverse and non-traditional perspective.  The aim is to raise awareness, to uncover hidden or misunderstood racism, to deal with body images and culturally shaped views of dance. 

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