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Igor Meneses Sousa & Paula Pau

Igor Meneses Sousa and Paula Pau are giving insights into their research process during their time at PACT. The two performers are investigating the intersection between queerness and spirituality.


»One idea we are interested in exploring in ›gone here (yet) to come‹ is the materiality of darkness. During our residency at PACT, we divided up the stage space, juxtaposed different spaces, and explored the nature of the boundaries between them.«


The all female Urban Dance Collective deals with their identity as women – in everyday life as well as in the dance world.

Verena Brakonier, Josephine Findeisen, Greta Granderath and Daniel Ernesto Müller

CLASS MATTERS is a meeting that aims at opening a space to share experiences with and knowledge about classism.


U.F.O. is a collaboration between Slovenian choreographer/singer/philosopher Irena Z. Tomažin and German SoundDance choreographer Jule Flierl. The point of departure is Katalin Ladik's happening, ›U.F.O. Party‹ performed in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in 1970.

Karl Van Welden and Frederik Croene

For his residency Karl Van Welden invited Frederik Croene to PACT Zollverein. After the close collaboration with Frederik Croene as pianist and composer for MARS II, a follow-up story will be written with EARTH I.

Raymond Liew Jin Pin > Maria Cencaru <

"Maria Cencaru is the desire of re-experiencing a childhood memory of my schooldays in Malaysia and results in this dance project, which is about to fight for gay rights and equality; to understand, to change and to raise my voice to against the discrimination from political, religious and law forces in Malaysia; an Islamic country.

venus x boats

The duo veenus x boats is active not only among different cultures but also between genres: German-born Vietnamese singer Vee aka veenus and producer Bruno aka boats combine alternative R&B and synth-pop, creating their own definition of mainstream.


During the residency of Kötter/Israel/Limberg working on ›landscapes and bodies‹, Daniel Kötter gives insights into the research and rehearsal process concerning the cases ›Water‹ and ›Coltane‹ (in German).