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1/2/8 Spot On Economies #Insights // Mathis Richtmann, Sonia Kuhls, Rosa Hesse and Úlfur Logason

The group is working on the idea of a graphic novel as a way to build a basic understanding of our financial markets and banking systems to people that have not been educated in that field.

1/2/8 Spot On Economies #Insights // Lasse Schlegel and David Schwarzfeld

In their project Platzhalter, Lasse Schlegel and David Schwarzfeld look from the perspective of designers at the numerous advertising spaces in our cities. By renting such spaces, they want to give agency to new ideas for the collaborative reclaiming of public places and accompany this process in the long term with workshops and other forms of exchange.

Aya Metwalli

Aya Metwalli is an Egyptian singer/songwriter, composer and sound artist currently based in Beirut. She grew up in Cairo and long before she was able to form her own music taste, Aya was fed immense amounts of Arabic classic songs and melodies that now lie on a bed of velvet inside her subconscious mind.

Riyadhus Shalihin & Gatari Surya Kusuma

›Ancestors‹ is an open studio and open-ended project. The project is mainly concerned with ways of experiencing an archive and seeks to go further into studying photo archives, memory, technology in the colonial era, and how this is related to personal/family history.

Diana Niepce

» I am interested in observing the dance archive and understand the hierarchy that organizes the body. Approaching and researching The other side of dance, understanding that the body was not always excluded, but as a performer, which bodies were thrown to the margins and what form those excluded bodies moved and found their place.«

Sprungbrett<>Tanzrecherche NRW
Igor Meneses Sousa & Paula Pau

Igor Meneses Sousa and Paula Pau are giving insights into their research process during their time at PACT. The two performers are investigating the intersection between queerness and spirituality.


»One idea we are interested in exploring in ›gone here (yet) to come‹ is the materiality of darkness. During our residency at PACT, we divided up the stage space, juxtaposed different spaces, and explored the nature of the boundaries between them.«


The all female Urban Dance Collective deals with their identity as women – in everyday life as well as in the dance world.

Verena Brakonier, Josephine Findeisen, Greta Granderath and Daniel Ernesto Müller

CLASS MATTERS is a meeting that aims at opening a space to share experiences with and knowledge about classism.