Common Wallet
Inside the Common Wallet

  • As part of 1/2/8 – Spot On Economies
  • Workshop
  • Sun 10.10.21 10 h – 18 h

In English.

Visitors will be required to document that they are either fully vaccinated, have recovered from a previous infection or have been tested negative (48hrs).

Binding registration:

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The Common Wallet is an initiative of 11 Brussels-based people who, since January 2018, live out of a common bank account. They wire all their individual income into the shared account, and each uses the money according to their needs, wishes and desires, no matter if it corresponds with the income they contributed or not.  In the workshop participants will be invited to look into their personal relationship with money and share it with others. 

It aims to allow each participant to go through the practical functioning of the Common Wallet as well as create situations for themselves to question what it practically, psychologically, ethically, socially or professionally could mean to engage with such a practice of financial commoning in the everyday life.

What is needed to create trust and unlearn distrust? How can a feeling of financial security be created in situations that are constantly in movement ?

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