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Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo | Improvável Produções

In 1968, artist Lygia Clark said: "The House is the Body: Labyrinth". Thinking with her we now say: "The Street is the Body: Intrusion is Labyrinth“. We want the noises, the bifurcations, the unforeseen deviations, the turbulences, the shocks from the outside, from the street. We want the nauseating sensation and the vertigo of swinging, of suspending, of entering into moving arrangements. We want to move towards a labyrinthine dramaturgy - that leads and disorients - full of opacities, swerves and cuts; a dramaturgy that twists unity and clarity.

Lili M. Rampre

What does the scream know?
An exploration of a sonic element of human (every day) lives and how our future might look like without it.

Elisa Jule Braun

While companies and states use the latest technologies to prevent riots in advance, the possibilities for activists and trade unions to resist are limited. So what can strike and resistance strategies look like to keep up with the power of the big players? And how can art find contemporary forms to visualize and question these developments?

Marco Donnarumma & Margherita Pevere

Through the physical and psychological brutalization of people and non-human beings, the combination of digital technologies and capitalistic urge has driven the natural ecosystem towards impending destruction. ›Humane Methods‹ dissects the violence of algorithmic societies, where power structures, knowledge creation and normative criteria become means of remorseless manipulation.

Marie-Lena Kaiser

Wie beeinflusst Diversität im Bezug auf Geschlecht und Herkunft eine Choreographie? Wie wirkt sich die Konstellation von Körpern im Raum auf die Bedeutung der performativen Situation aus? Vor allem unter der Voraussetzung, dass keine weiteren Informationen vorhanden sind für den Zuschauer als pure Bewegung im Raum?

Lea Letzel

Das Projekt ›SOG‹ von Lea Letzel changiert zwischen Konzert und Theater, indem die Figur des Flötisten auf der Bühne nicht nur die musikalischen Kompositionen spielt, sondern gleichzeitig auch in die szenische Konstruktion und Rekonstruktion der Sogwirkung der Stücke involviert ist.

Monica Duncan & Senem Pirler

Surface Connection is a live performance that explores the concept of queer space, objects and the relationship between queer bodies through a series of audiovisual interactions where we touch/vibrate/fluctuate/excite surfaces and objects. In our collaboration, we channel our camp sensibility and create performative actions by “vibrating”, “deviating” and “disrupting” bodies, objects, and surfaces from their normative representations and their linear paths.

Sidney Leoni

Choreographer, dancer and filmmaker Sidney Leoni returns for a second residency at PACT with his docu-fiction-dance-film-performance ›FLY‹; the first residency was together with composer Yoann Durant to produce and record ›FLY‹’s soundtrack and original songs, and this time he will be joined by lighting designer Anton Andersson and dancer Jaan Ulst to finalize the performance on PACT's stage.

Seyoung Jeong

We have already seen tragedy in the theater, began to understand the principles of tragedy unconsciously and the audience witnesses various variants of the tragedy in the theater. In my research, I wondered why the tragedy in the theater did not work as before.