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#ResidencyInsights – HartmannMüller

Anhand ihrer Experimente mit dem eigenen, menschlichen Fleisch, betrachten HARTMANNMUELLER in ihrer Performance „my saturday went pretty well until I realized it was monday“, an der sie während ihrer Residenz bei PACT arbeiten, Shakespeare’s Figur Hamlet aus einer besonderen Perspektive: Sie eignen sich Hamlets Probleme an und übertragen sie auf die Körper der heutigen Zeit – denn auch 2018 scheint die Welt aus den Fugen und ein wahnhaftes Verwirrspiel um physische Grenzen beginnt.

#ResidencyInsights – Alma Toaspern

In the dance piece "The dreams in which I'm dying" choreographer and dancer Alma Toaspern deals with the often abstruse and illogical dramaturgy of dreams. In collaboration with Susanne Grau, Rocio Marano and Juan Betancurth, she wants to develop an aesthetic that corresponds to the logic of a dream, an aesthetic that is characterized by interruptions, shifts, repetitions and continuous failure.

#ResidencyInsights – Flora Détraz

Flora Détraz keeps on exploring the possibilities of voice – having the middle age era as the main musical, literature and pictural source to feed their research

#ResidencyInsights – Enrico Ticconi & Ginevra Panzetti

During their Residence at PACT Zollverein Enrico Ticconi and Ginevra Panzetti worked on their piece ›HARLEKING‹.

Harleking is a demon with multiple identities. His body expression resembles that of Harlequin of the Commedia dell'Arte, a sly servant moved by an insatiable hunger.

#ResidencyInsights – Halory Georger

In his research project "For Morten Feldman", Halory Goerger works with light and sound designers to investigate what happens in our brain when sound creates a mental vacuum, when sound is able to establish a concept, an image, a movement.

#ResidencyInsights: Cyril Baldy

Cyril Baldy, member of the HOOD collective, freelance choreographer and dancer, is currently in residency at PACT.